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    Jun 15, 2007
    10.4 -> 10.5 wireless differences
    i have a Dlink DI-640 wireless, worked fine on 10.4.11 but recently got 10.5.2 and its behavior is odd:
    -osx dosnt want to remember the wep password, i have to continually re type it in.
    -the router will work for a download or two not any more

    what changes in the wireless functionality has occurred between 10.4.11 and 10.5.2


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    Mar 14, 2008
    I'm having major issues with my dlink dir-625. After I upgraded to 10.5.2 the wireless simply would not work so I called Mac support. After being on with support for 4 hours and checking IP addresses, etc they kicked me up to a specialist who had be retrograde back to 10.5.0. This seemed to fix the problem for a while, but after a couple of days connectivity became spotty again. The aggravating thing is that i have 2 pc laptops on the same network and they both have been acting up. Each will show that it's connected to the network but there is no internet connection. If you log off of the network and try to log back on the WAP key is changed to an 8 character key (mine is usually 12 characters). I've changed channels and set the router to 'g' mode instead of 'n' and it's still a mess. This morning I had to shut down the router, the vonage router, and the cable modem and reboot them all in order to get my wife online so she could work. I was a half hour late for work and we have a VP in the office today!! Any help would be appreciated. Maybe it will help both me and Jah.

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