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Thread: Windows Network Printer Cant Be Seen..HELP!!

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    Windows Network Printer Cant Be Seen..HELP!!
    I have 4 ,windows computers connected with a wire to a Netgear WiFi Router & my MAC connected via WiFi.

    On my Mac, when i add a printer i can see 3 printers which are connected physically to each of its respective computers ( all of which are Dot Matrix & are connected via Serial ports ), but i cant see 1 HP Printer on the 4th computer. I have checked, this printer is "Shared" and i can see that computers C drive , but not the printer... This printer is configured to this 4th computer via a USB & in the ports section under properties of this says its connected to USB001 - Virtual USB Port.

    Could this be a problem.all otehr 3 computers can see this printer, but not from my MAC..

    Any clues ???

    Of course i'm having printing issues with Epson Dot matrix printers - just prints garbage, but that i'm sure is just a driver issue..will figure that out later...

    I ned to see this HP printer.

    Any Help is appreciated..

    My MAC - 2.16GHZ, Intel Core 2 Duo, 120GB, 2GB,DVDRW with tiger 10.4.11

    PS - am installing Leopard tonight - i hope this will help solve something with some new drivers etc...

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    This is a weak point of Mac OS X. It does not have the same type of printer queue redirection capabilities of Windows. As such, some printer drivers will only work when the printer is directly attach to the Mac via a USB cable. Sounds like this may be the case here. See the Networking Printers FAQ for more information.
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