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    Belkin F5D7632UK4A Wireless Router/Modem Dropping DSL connection
    ive got a belkin Belkin F5D7632UK4A ver. 7000uk ADSL modem/router.
    Got the router to work but the DSL connection drops after usually 1-2 hours.

    A webpage just wont load, its like the router freezes. The DSL light flashes but will not re-connect.

    I've contacted Belkin support about this and they replaced the router. but the exact same thing is happening with the replacement.

    I'm using a PPoE connection. Tried changing the "dial on demand" to zero and 999. but still know good. the firmware is up to date, and i cant find any update on the belkin site.

    tried doing a hard restart using restart button on router right after a "dropped connection". entered in ISP setting and the router connects for a few minutes and it drops again.

    So could i use a firmware update for a different version?
    Firmware updates for earlier versions mention that it fixes PPoE dropping connection.

    sorry for the long post, but any help would be appreciated.
    are belkin routers just bad??

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    Jan 17, 2008
    contacted belkin again last night and the support agent suggested turning off the routers firewall.

    so i seem to have a better connection now. not dropping as much. but it still loses the DSL connection and its hard to get it back.

    have to cycle power on/off for it to connect.

    looks like im having a converstion to myself here

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    Have you tried contacting your DSL provider about this? It might be an eccentricity of the service or a wiring issue.

    I know on my router, there's a setting when using a PPPoE connection called "Keep alive, redial after xxx seconds". By default that is checked and set to 30 seconds. Does yours have something similar?
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    yes i was told to tick the "dial on demand" and set it to "0" and "999".

    i dont think its the ISP or phoneline as i have my older router a ZyXEL prestige and it connects first go, no problem.

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