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    Anyone hook another router to a LAN port on the Time Capsule?
    I currently have Netgear router that has (4) ports. The Time Capsule only has (3) ports. Anyone try to hook another router to the Time Capsule to get more ports? Ive seen this done with (2) of the same Netgear routers, but curious if anyone has done it with a Time Capsule and another brand router.

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    Using another router will cause you to have double-NAT issues, plus it will cost you more money then you need to spend. All you need is an Ethernet switch.

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    I've done that with Time Capsule and a Linksys WRT54G with DD-WRT installed. I don't think that the router needs to have the alternate firmware installed, but it was already there, so..
    I just set up an IP address for the router in the subnet of the Time Capsule (for instance, and connect a LAN port of the TC to a LAN port of the router. That's it!

    I even managed to create two different wireless networks, one N in the 5 Ghz range with TC and one G in the 2.4Ghz range with the other router, with the Time Capsule acting as the central point of the entire network.
    It all works like a charm! I hope you manage to do that.

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    You can do it, you just have to disable DHCP on the device you plan to use as a switch, OR put the "switch" in Bridge mode and you can use the WAN port as the uplink. In Bridge mode you will still be able to "see" all connected devices, it merely serves as a pass-thru and doesn't create a new network.

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    Time capsule external HD ntfs
    Hi, I hope your solutions may help with my problem. I have a time capsule and works brill with my mac's but I also have PC's with NTFS files system, I have an external HD NTFS that is not recognized when plugged into TC, I can see it but no options to access it on a Mac, not even for reading and on the PC, I can only see TC.

    Would having two routers, solve this problem, so that I could attach the USB external HD to the router that is not TC?

    Any other way of doing this? I think the problem I have that anything attaching to TC that is NTFS will not work. I also have an external HD Minimax that has USB in the back of it, could I maybe plug this to TC and format it into HFS (Mac system files) and then plug external HD NTFS to it?

    I don't want to give up on TC as it is perfect for everything else but cannot for work reason leave my PC's out of the loop.

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