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Thread: Wireless network + adsl and PS2 ..Help!

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    Wireless network + adsl and PS2 ..Help!
    Hi - hope you guys can help!

    I want to set up a wireless network in my home, but I just want to check with you that I am doing it right...

    I have the following;

    eMac with Airport Extreme inside
    Powerbook with Airport Extreme inside
    Airport Extreme Base station
    Playstation 2 with network adapter
    Plenty of Cat5
    A broadband connection with BT

    what I dont have is an adsl router

    I want to connect everything up so that I can be online with all computers at once - including the PS2.

    I am okay with the eMac, Powerbook, Base station link - but I really need to know how it all connects to the internet.

    I think I need some kind of adsl router..? I am also not sure where I can plug in the PS2 so that I can play online games.(the ps2 is right next to the Basestation so I dont need the ps2 bit to be wireless.). I have been told I may need a adsl router with more ethernet ports..?

    Can anybody help?

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    Ring up BT and they will provide it all for you. They supply some great products which I've never heard any problems with. You're quite lucky, Blueyonder do not "support" routers, but it never breaks (touch wood) so I'm thinking of getting one rather than using Windows Internet Connection sharing

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    The AP Extreme IS the router.. Get a hub, not a router. The hub should hook up to the other ethernet port (WAN Port) on the AP Extreme and just connect the PS2 through that. Actually, all you should need to do is hook the PS2 up to the WAN port on the AP Extreme and go. If BT uses PPoE, make sure your AP Extreme is set up to do this. That should be all you need to do.

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