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    slow internet connection....
    I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I am needing help with my internet. I just recently got back in town and my MBP internet connection seems to be slower than normal. All the bars on the airport are filled, but the pages take a good 8-12 seconds to load. Any clue what's causing this? Any ideas how to speed it up?? I have a linksys routher btw. Thanks.

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    Have you tried restarting the router?

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    Ok I really don't mean to beat a dead horse... but I read that second thread you posted and I still don't understand what I need to do. Could anyone explain this to me in simpler terms? Thank you so much.

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    Turn the power off and leave off for half an hour and disconnect router from wall. Turn router back on at the wall and see if there has been any improvement. Next step inquire from ISP re problems.

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    I did the following and it seemed to fix my problem.

    Adding the OpenDNS DNS server addresses ( and to Network Preferences > Advanced > DNS.

    Not sure what the heck this does, but I am able to load web pages about as fast as I was before the problem occurred.

    Here is how I did it.

    1. Click on or your System Preferences icon from your Dock to open up System Preferences
    2. Click on the Network icon to open up the Network window
    3. Click on the Advanced button
    4. Click on the DNS Tab
    5. Add the DNS Server addresses and to the DNS list by clicking the + button.

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    Question I was wondering.....
    Can we use the same numbers you gave or do we have to get our own? Isn't that your own internet address you are using? Or does it belong to a linksy router? Because I have a linksy router for my imac and I have a 20 inch desktop and a 17 inch laptop, and lately my internet is very slow it is always loading now and I have broadband, and sometimes the page will come out just blank when it is done loading. I had 2Gb of memory about 4 months ago I added 2Gb more for the total of 4GB memory and I just now started having problems. Although I do not think it has to do with adding memory, because I added it a long time ago and this just started recently. I forgot to mention I have now hooked a direct link to my router and keep trying them both airport on and airport off and I still have the same problem a slow connection. Please any help you can give me will be appreciated. Also my son has a Cyber power PC hooked directly to the router the Tower is humongous it is a gaming computer, I don't think that would cause the problem he has had it for a couple years now. PLEASE HELP!

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