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    iPhoto/iMovie HD or Aperture/Final Cut?
    Well, for an early birthday present, my Aunt Cathy bought me Aperture and Final Cut Express. (Since I'm a film student and she's a filmmaker. We get along well. )

    Now, I have iLife '08 on my MacBook, and the only applications I use are GarageBand, iMovie, and iPhoto.

    I'm planning on picking up Logic Express sometime soon, so my question to you all is, is it really worth it to keep my iLife applications, or would it be better to just dump them in favor of their respective Pro applications?

    I'm leaning toward dumping iLife and just using the Pro apps, since the "tight integration" of iLife has never really been an issue for me, since I don't use .mac, I've never opened iWeb or iDVD, and I rarely see the "tight integration" in any other use of the apps.

    Is there any compelling reason to keep the iLife programs, or should I just go ahead and reclaim the disk space they take up and just use the pro apps?
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    I'd personally stick to the professional applications since you're a film major. Final Cut is somehwhat of an industry standard, I'd focus on learning the ins-and-outs of the program.

    Let me know how you like Final Cut Express. I do a little bit of video editing for the web and I'm thinking about switching from Final Cut HD to Final Cut Express. It's time to update and there's no sense in buying the full version if Express has everything I need.

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    Not saying this would relate to you, but I've heard of pro movie editors using iMovie to throw the movie together, and then use final cut to make the great effects, add music, and all that other cool junk the program does (i have no idea what it is capable of lol)

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