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    Looking for a new Digtial Camera, help?
    So i'm fairly new to photography, I taken basic classes like 3 years back but it was using the regular manual cameras. I'm not looking for something high end or really expensive but I'm looking for a Digital SLR that I can control f-stop and apature settings. Nothing too fancy, just want to be able to blur the back or focus on what I want instead of the point and shoot cameras. I was hoping someone here might know if some camera that may be a good choice, probably around the $500 range

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    I just bought the Canon XTi / 400D from Sam's club for $646 new.. It is AWESOME.. I am really enjoying all it's features. I would highly recommend it.

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    A Nikon d40 or Canon XT, with the kit lens, will probably run you about that much. Then you can pick up the 50mm f1/.8 for either. Canon's is $80 and Nikon's is $130 iirc.

    You can look into the lenses for each, but unless you get bit by the bug or want pro quality, it probably won't matter what system you go with. You can get normal lenses for well under $500, just when you start getting to the pro quality lenses is when you're going to be paying $600-$5000 for a lens.
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    I have experience with both the Canon XT and XTi models. They are excellent choices for someone getting into DSLRs. In addition to the 50mm f/1.8 lens, the 18-55IS (IS stands for "Image Stabilization"; this is NOT the same as the cheaper, less impressive 18-55 kit lens) kit lens is not bad for a starter kit.
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    I bought the Canon XTi/400D to get back into photography and its a great camera. Just need to add a few things more....

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    A nikon D40 is about 499 here in Colorado. Maybe cheaper brand new online. A Nikon D40 reproduces skin and vibrant colors a little bit more than the XTI. If you want professional results you might as well save 2000 and buy a Canon or Nikon.

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    I know everybody is going to say either Canon or Nikon, but i will advice you to buy a Pentax, either a K100d or a K10d, they will give you great results at a lower price and include vibration reduction in the body, no special lenses. Plus, you can get a good 50mm from for a very good price.
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    mraya: I have a Pentax K100d and I am mostly into candid and portrait photos friends and family. I've taken some great pics, but have trouble with the lighting. Pictures come out yellow. What are the best lenses for the Pentax K100d?

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