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Thread: Quick Look changed for the worse

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    Quick Look changed for the worse
    In the latest Leopard upgrade Quick Look, which was a fantastic innovation changed. When using it to preview photos a few things happened:

    1. the preview image is much less sharp
    2. the preview image is much smaller. click full screen and the screen goes black but the image is the same size.
    3. one used to be able to send images directly to iPhoto. can't do that any longer.

    however, i also upgraded from Photoshop CS2 CS3. Is that the problem? Is it a plug-in or other that hasn't been upgraded?

    whatever it is, i'm really disappointed.

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    I just checked for system updates, only to find my macbook is completely up to date.

    Images look crisp as ever for me, I can add to iPhoto and full screen works like a charm.

    Which update are you referring to, and when was it released?

    Also, I don't think a CS2 to CS3 upgrade should have any effect whatsoever.

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