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Thread: Font Book 2.0 Help Needed!!!!

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    Font Book 2.0 Help Needed!!!!

    I'm in a bit of a bind with my new MacBook Pro running leopard and I'm hoping that someone might be able to assist me with the problem of adding a font.

    I recently had all the information/data of my old powerbook transferred to a new macbook pro. Everything appears to have been transferred correctly with all my applications working without any problems. However, a font which I had recently downloaded to my powerbook before having the data transferred is not showing up in any of my applications (specifically CS2 where I need it but also not in word, etc.) The problem is that the font is showing up in the font book application, and in my "library--> fonts". For some reason or another it is not being recognized by any of the applications.

    When I select the font in font book, and click "font validation" one error shows up for the font reading " 'FOND font association usability' " I'm assuming this is why it is not being recognized by my applications. I am at a dead loss for how to fix this, and beyond frustrated.

    Any suggestions of how I might fix the problem? Also where is the problem ocurring? Is it with my font or with font book 2.0.

    Please help!!!

    - Elizabeth

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    Welcome to Mac-forums, misslizz1.

    You might want to check out this Apple Discussion thread, it has a possible workaround. There is another thread here and there is one that has solved the problem for one Leopard user at Typophile, an awesome place for all things fonts.

    I googled for the error message you got and it seems like a common problem with Leopard and it doesn't even affect the same fonts which is utterly bizarre.

    Let us know if anything in there works for you. Good luck.

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