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Thread: How to make a photo dvd ?

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    Question How to make a photo dvd ?
    I feel sort of silly having to ask this but I have never tried to do anything like this.

    Someone at my wife's work wants to give me a bunch of pictures that she has on a disk and some music c.d.'s and she would like me to somehow put all this together on a dvd so she can send it to her father as a Christmas gift. I guess she is looking for a slideshow dvd that has the photos come in from different angles and fade out and all those cool effects with her favorite music playing in the background. She also wants it to be played on a regular dvd player.

    I am stil pretty new to the mac. I am now on my 2nd system (17" powerbook, I know I have plenty of power to do this but I just dont know where to start) But this is not what I normally do so I have no clue where to start.

    Does the mac come with software that will do this. I also have CS3 but I have never used it (this thing is not for the inexperienced user)

    I want to do a good job on this for her so I thought I would come here and see if any of you could help a little. If you guys have any suggestions or samples of things I would really appreciate the help and ideas.

    Thanks guys.

    I do not have the new iLife 08. I m using the older version. I dont know if this helps but I want you guys to know exactly what I am working with here.

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