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    Just got a Digital Rebel XTi
    So I finally made the plunge and picked up a digital SLR. I've been thinking about it for a long time so when Costco had a great deal on a bundle, I jumped at it.

    They had a Nikon and Canon bundle, about the same price. But I've always liked Canon and several people whom I really respect also have the Digital Rebel XTi and always say great things about it.

    The kit came with the Rebel, standard 18-55 lens, a 75-300 lens, 1GB CF card, UV Filter, a DVD, and a bag.

    Of course I'll be the first to admit that I'm hardly a camera expert and barely even know what the different ISO levels mean. Of course I'm hoping to learn as I go along.
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    Stretch has one. I have the XT. I had the Digital Rebel before.

    Congrats schweb, it's a great camera for the price. Now we can start a Canon club in M-F!

    Edited to add:

    Uh oh!... Did you mean this 75-300 lens? If so, you'll be wanting to buy another lens asap. The 70-300 IS is nice for the price.

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    Congrats! Sounds like a nice deal! Although it is a point & Shoot, I was so pleased with the superior quality I have gotten out of my Canon over my old Olympus.

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    Sounds great Schweb... your pics with that old Kodak (?) were pretty impressive, look forward to your pics with this setup...

    Once you start getting the lens itch, apparently this lens is really worth checking out:

    I also think this overview of image settings and their meaning is really handy:

    Large version of the reference

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    WOW that is a nice bundle! Man i love costco...

    i think im gunna have to take a look at that.
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    Hey congrats! I got a very similar package not too long ago!
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    Manual mode tutorial. Not perfect and in layman's terms for utter beginners. Just remember, you're not wasting film so take as many shots as your batteries will allow
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