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    Question about burning image to a CD
    Greetings all! I just switched over to a Mac in order to make use of Aperture. However, I am running into a problem that is giving me a major headache. In Adobe Lightroom I could burn images to a CD, and if there were more than would fit on one cd it would automatically overflow onto multiple cds. I can't find anything for the Mac that would allow any such behavior, and I don't want to burn DVDs. There is one program available as Linux source code called multicd ( that also requires Perl and cdrecord. Is there any other way for data to overflow to the next CD?

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    never fails- I search for hours, finally post a question, then find the answer two minutes later *smacks head* I found a program called disco ( that will span discs, and it's only $30. Not a full-featured set like toast, but at 1/3rd of the cost I think it'll work. So far the demo has worked wonderfully- splitting a ~1.5 GB folder over three disks. If there are subfolders it seems to split the data up that way- one disk was a mere 50 meg with just a couple images in a small folder. When I put all of the images into one folder it just divided them up into 650meg/disk. Seems to work pretty good. Thanks for the speed response, though. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions. Cheerio!

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