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    iPhoto 08...WHY wont it let me change the dates!?!
    im getting very tired of 08, im regretting even getting it

    first off, we always use rechargable batteries in our cameras, so the dates are never set. Its kind of pointless especially if i want to take pictures for illustrations and just import them.

    So ill import them and theyll go to some random date back in 2005 or 2002. Iphoto will give me the date, then i go into my iphoto library which is now apparently a package! WHY!? what was wrong with open folders?

    so ok, i have to go show package contents, BUT OF CORSE the photos arent in the date folder as listed, no noo no! theyre burried somewhere in data!

    Basically, i just want to change the dates on my photos when theyre imported, and then be able to ACCESS THEM later so i can work with them in word/photoshop, not this EXPORT crap to take up more hard drive space.


    sorry guys, i really likled the way it was. The ONLY plus i see is now i can select which photos to import. The rest...not too fond of it.
    new vid 8/8/05

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    You Can change time and date in iPhoto 08 you'll find the function in the menu bar under Photos (I think I'm on the pc at work at present) It even allows for changing the time and date on your original files. I used this when I impoted a load of pictures from several people from the same event we attended. Where several had the dates and times all wrong
    Just high light the pictures you want to change and use the funtion

    Good luck

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    Stay out of the finder! You must not do anything to your photos in there -- corruption will ensue. That is why Apple changed the form of the file. Do everything from within the app and you will be fine. Export is your friend -- use it.

    Also, Kilted1 is absolutely correct -- works like a charm!

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