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    Solidworks on a Macbook

    Does anyone know if Solidworks would run on a macbook with boot camp?

    using these specs:

    Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz
    1GB RAM
    Intel GMA 950 graphics card



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    Nov 19, 2006
    Hey I am an aerospace major in my university and I have installed Solidworks 2007 on in and it works fine, no problems except one. It is a minor one, no matter what material your use it will always look matte, for example you make and airplane hub made out of Titanium and it will look grey, but without the "real view" graphics (I think that is how they call it) i.e. no shine, no reflections. This is on a

    Macbook Pro

    2.16 Ghz C2D
    ATI X1600 w/128 MB VRAM
    1 GB RAM
    120 GB HD

    Come to think of it you probably will encounter some problems since it is an integrated Video Card, you could still try though.

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