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    .Mac gallery failing to sync
    Recently I started using .Mac gallery. It worked perfectly the first couple of month, but then I discovered, some albums were missing, but in iPhoto the albums still were in sync.
    I tried deleting the albums in iPhoto, created them again; they were synchronizing, but still, nothing happened on my gallery.
    Now I have ended up with 7 empty albums (
    If I delete all the albums in iPhoto, nothing happens
    If I delete all the albums in iPhoto's preferences, nothing happens.
    If I empty the folder on my iDisc, nothing happens
    No matter what do, the same 7 albums canít be deleted or updated.

    It's like. Both my laptop and stationary are unable to write to the gallery. Only read.
    A couple of days ago I wrote Apple support, explaining my problem, but I havenít got an answer.
    Maybe I can get an answer here.

    I have attached some screenshots.
    Picture 2 - iPhoto sync list
    Picture 3 - screenshot from
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