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    I am trying to take my wallpaper and a part of the background... The image is of a city from the top of a building and I have the open sky in the horizon... I am trying to change the color of the sky to another color than present, but still leave the white clouds present, could adobe photoshop do that, or would i need something else??? what would help me with something like this... besides real skill at it

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    You would have to use the Adjustment Layer called Selective Color in the Layers palette. See what it can do?
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    Use teh wand tool and select the entire sky minus the clouds. Then under Image adjustments, go to hue and saturation. Move the hue slider around to change the color of the sky.

    If that does not work (means the color of the sky was a little weak in the first place), then you can use the color mixer instead. It is really not that difficult at all. Good luck!

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    It's really about just manipulating color selectively, as MHC mentioned. For Photoshop, the sky is different from the clouds and the buildings only by differential pixel values. The conceptual separation we make between these things won't work with Photoshop if, for example, some clusters of pixels are similar between those objects. In which case, you'll want to use masks to let Photoshop know you want to manipulate just a part of the photo; here, the.

    The later part of this tutorial should help.
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    Here's a quick and dirty example.

    If you want to get rid of the colour sky blue, for example, click on the adjustment layer icon (first attachment) and select from the drop-down menu the Selective Color layer. Since you want to get rid of blue, in the selective color window go to the Blue and then the Cyan tab and get rid of all the blue and cyan (-100%) and crank up its opposites (in cyan's case it's magenta and in the blue's case it's yellow - second and third attachment).

    The original file, unchanged, is the fourth attachment. The result after the Selective Color layer has been applied is the fifth attachment below.

    Since the uploads got a bit heavy for one post, I saved them very compressed so you won't be seeing any fine details but this works!
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