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    Quark and Photoshop .eps files
    Ok I have a weird problem. This might be because I am missing on a save setting of some kind so I would like to bounce this off of you guys, see what I am doing wrong.

    We are now into studying trapping, duotones (tritones, quadtones, etc.) and multi-ink. The problem I have is when I save my image file in Photoshop CS2: in order to save in duotone, you have to save the file as an .eps.

    When I place it in QuarkXPress 7.3 and do a pdf to check the colour separations, trapping and whatnot, I get a black box in place of the image. I have to then take the Photoshop .eps file, open it in Illustrator and save it there as .eps over the PS file, then update my doc in Quark and everything is hunky dory.

    I wonder why this is. The only thing I can come up with is that saving it in Photoshop, the image keeps its RGB settings (you can't save it as CMYK, otherwise you lose the duotone effect) and that Illustrator adds some kind of CMYK info to the file.

    Can anyone shed some light? I am so totally lost on this one.

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    PS CS2 can save a duotone in a jpeg format, you don't need to save it as .eps.

    Open the image in PS.
    Change the mode to Grayscale.
    Then change the mode to Duotone.
    When you have your two colors set, change the mode back to RGB or CMYK (depending on where you plan on using it).
    Save the image as a jpeg.

    Unless I am missing something, that should work.
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    Well the teachers said .jpgs weren't an option as sometimes it causes problems with the RIP or something. BUt this gives me more ideas of things to try. Thanks a whole lot DB.

    Edited to add:

    Makes me think maybe I skip a step before the save as .eps...

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    Would the proper procedure ask for the save being done in Photoshop DSC 2.0? When the image is in Duotone, I can't change or assign a colour profile like CMYK as those options are greyed out...

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