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Thread: Editing Photo Info - Original Date

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    Editing Photo Info - Original Date
    I have some old photos scanned in and I want to set the meta tag info for 'Original date'. I can see how to view the photo info and related tags but I can't figure out how to edit the info.

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    Adobe Bridge allows you to edit the metadata in its program.

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    FYI, I figured out how to do it in iPhoto. For anyone else that needs to do this, open up the picture in iPhoto and click on "Edit". In the bottom left menu there is an "I" icon to show the additional information (meta tags) for that photo.

    As long as you are in edit mode you can change the values of the entries.

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    You can also batch edit if you need to. Select the photos you want to change, click on "Photo" on the menu bar, then select "batch change" . You can change dates, titles, etc. from there for multiple photos.

    The most recent iPhoto also has an option to "adjust date". This will leave most other info alone, just adjust the date (for instance if you just want to change the year, it will leave the month and time alond).

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