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    Canon 5D tethered remote trigger w/ Macbook Pro possible?

    Do any Canon 5D users have their camera tethered to their Macbook or Macbook Pro? I've been searching for EOS Utility and Remote Capture, which should apparently allow me to do it, but can't find the dmg file links. Anyone managed to get it set up? and if you could post the file links that would be great.



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    Not that it helps but I've got it for my Pentax K10D. It's not that useful I find.

    You can control all camera settings from behind the computer but it seems a bit cumbersome to me to not be sitting behind the camera instead.


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    I've controlled my Digital Rebel XT from a friend's Macbook before, only thing I really liked about doing it over handholding is no camera shake from pressing the shutter (use mirror lockup) and the larger playback review in HiRes as apposed to a small screen.

    I drive a Mazda Rx-7, shoot a Canon 20D, and soon.......... I will use a Mac.

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    I shoot with a 5D tethered to my MBP a lot, I use Capture One Pro as the software, and a 30 metre USB cable. You can use the Canon software also, but Canon's website is an absolute shambles, and you'll have a hard time finding the right .dmg's. They don't actually let you download the software for free, only offering updates, which is useless for such simple applications.

    The best way is to install the software off the CD that comes with the camera, then download the updates from a Canon website -

    You need to install EOS Utility first, then install EOS Capture.

    I just wish they would sort out their website, its far from professional.

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