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    Reflection of a stack of photos - CS3 - help needed
    Hi all!.

    I am experimenting in Photoshop CS3 with reflections off glass etc. I have an interesting issue:

    I can create stacks no problem, but when I create the *REFLECTION* of a stack, the *REFLECTION* of the TOP image in the stack, becomes transparent in relation to items BEHIND it in the stack, which I don't feel would happen in reality; can anyone suggest how to overcome this, and make it so that the foremost REFLECTION appears translucent - it is a reflection after all, but so that it DOESN'T show through, the reflection of the image BEHIND it:

    << EDIT >>

    I *Kinda* solved it, but not an ideal solution:

    Complex things, reflections!!

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    They look cool though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eric06 View Post
    They look cool though.
    Hey thanks!. The solution I used is not perfect, but for this effect and background, it would seem to suffice. I'd prefer a "one size fits all" solution, but I am sure I shall work it out in time.

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    Have you by any chance got a link to a tutorial on how I can do this in CS3?

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    I would also be interested if you can get a tutorial for that, it looks quality.
    Coming Soon.....

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    I shall make a screencap video when I have time in the next 24 hours.

    Here is the "Family Guy" wallpaper, as per request (1280x1024 pixels):

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