Hello everyone,

So, im not a photographer, and mostly use auto settings.
And im upgrading my Samsung Digimax A402,
And i was set on the Canon Powershot A570IS, but then i started considering a the Fuji Finepix S700, Casio Exilim ES-S500 (if i gotthe model number right), like every model Samsung (specificall the NV10 and NV11 and NV7), mostly because i had a great experience with my Samsung back in its days...,
But i NEVER considered a Kodak,
I would be just playing around in the store and try some, and they would be soooo slow.
But then i tried the Z712IS, thinking, man, why am i even touching this KODAK! BUT I LOVED IT!
The zoom, the quality, the sexy body.....lol.
And the price is just a little more than the S700 and it has IS. It was everything I thought the other kodaks were not. It took fast pics, good ones too. But thats just after 10 minutes at Wal-Mart.
So i got home and jumped on Cnet,
and they gave it a good rating,
and CNET is SOOO picky, so if they like it, it must be good.

So really all signs are a go for me,
but i want some more opinions,

my only concern is very minor,

is that i have heard that it does not come with rechargeable batteries.
This wouldnt be a problem if it took normal AAs, and i have some rechargeable AAs, will they work?

Does anyone want to post their pics taken with it?