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    University Notetaking Program With Tablet
    im entering first year engineering and i bought my first macbook.

    im looking for a program for note taking. like i can type type type then decide to go to a tablet and draw a diagram or write a equation with ease.

    thank you!

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    Macbooks do not function as a tablet computer. You can not use a stylus on the screen to write notes. There are third-party drawing pads but it's probably more of a hassle.

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    Aug 21, 2007
    yea i was actually thinking of getting a 3rd party stylus.....

    but all i need is a program now

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    try this program:

    I'm in school too and was looking for the same kind of program and this seems to be the best. you can take notes on an interface that looks like a notebook and there are even plug-ins where you can sketch diagrams and drawings as you wish.

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