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    I have an image that is the size of 3 pages 33x26. How do I print it on three pages? Preview will only print 1 page of it and has no other pages in the drawer! Is this the problem of the program I created it in? Thanks

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    what's 3 pages? A4 pages? A3?
    For preview to display more pages in the drawer, it must be a mutiple page document - like a PDF for example.

    Also, we can't say whether or not it's a problem with the program you created it in, since you didn't specify which program that was.

    If you want it to print actual size, across 3 pages, then you'd need to tile the image. That means that the image is broken down into segments and printed on separate pages. I don't believe Preview can do this. Aside from apps such as Illustrator and Indesign, I don't know of any free ones that will do the job for you.

    I tried a quick search then, but with no luck. I remember other members here recommending apps, so I'm sure someone will list something here pretty soon.

    Your only other option is to scale the image down to fit your paper size, or take the image to a print place and have them do it.

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    Could it be because the image is at a higher resolution than 72ppi?

    And in the Page Setup window, that's where you ask how the printer must interpret the data and resize the image so it fits the paper size: asking for a print at 75% for instance then checking the results in Preview to see that the paper size can still handle the size you previously asked. You do this back in forth till you are satisfied, then you hit Print in the Preview window.

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    dtownley1-Thanks for the reply, I think you understand my problem. The program is Doodlecad but anytime you want to print a larger than 11x8.5 inmage I guess your just out of luck. Yes I guess I will have to find a program to tile the image because I do want it full size that would mean 3 seperate pages. I dont' know very much about comput'in but it seems that it could be included with preview Im sure Im not the only onethat would like to print over sized pictures full size. Especially now that standard cameras have the 3 picture stitch mode.
    It would be nice to have the panorama be higher than a couple inches in the middle of the page. If any one knows of a inexpensive program to do this I would be grateful, better yet add it to preview.Maybe Ill try the banner template in appleworks. Thanks

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    Appleworks Banner works! I would be nice to have in preview though.

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    Aug 21, 2007
    I tried printing the appleworks banner template with my picture in it. Appleworks made it a PDF, it did not print well, especially when the page printing was more complex ie more trees. Is this because of it being a PDF I tried everything lightening noise reductionIt stll printed irregular and blotchy some of the time.

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