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    InDesign CS2 - Help!
    Hi everyone

    I desperately need to get hold of a copy of InDesign CS2 - I'm doing some regular freelance work for a publisher. I sorted myself out a copy of CS3 but after doing my first lot of work, it turned out that they all use CS2.

    I know you can save them as a special sort of file that can be opened in CS2 (can't remember the name right now) but that doesn't work - because I get files including text and pics, but not the images files, if I save them this way the pictures all vanish because of the missing links.

    I trawled the net and managed to find a 30 day trial of CS2 which I've been happily using, thinking that I'd be able to track down a full version in that time, but I've had no luck. Now I have no program, which means no work, which is a complete disaster!

    If anyone can help me out at all, or has any ideas, I would very much appreciate it - feel free to reply, send me a message or email me.

    Many thanks
    A very desperate (and broke!) girl

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    You can BUY one here:

    Otherwise trying to find a copy on these forums is often frowned upon.

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    I do apologise.

    I'm not averse to paying for software, not at all - in fact, I always do.

    I have looked in all the usual places for a copy to buy and can't find one (I'm in England so using the US Amazon site is out, even if I could afford over $700 for it!). I certainly wasn't expecting anyone here to share a copy with me, I was just hoping for some good ideas on where to look - many hours have been wasted scouring Google already!

    I hope I haven't caused any offence or annoyance, it certainly wasn't my intention.

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    Talking about pirating software is against forum rules:

    4- Illegal Activity: We choose to follow United States law in regard to what is permissible to be discussed here. Therefore discussion of illegal file sharing, cracked programs, requests for serial numbers, and any other breaches of copyright or other illegal activity are not allowed in these forums.

    This also includes discussion of breaking the terms of software or hardware EULAs.

    Edited to add:

    In your duplicate thread (, I posted a link to an Adobe Knowledge Base article that tells you how to save your files for compatibility.

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    Thank you - again, I do apologise, I wasn't trying to obtain an illegal copy, I was just trying to track down a copy full stop! When I said I thought I'd be able to find one within 30 days, I meant finding one to buy, not to download. I was hoping that someone might suggest a good place to pick up older software, I wasn't asking anyone to give me a copy!

    I obviously didn't make myself clear, so I am sorry.

    I haven't had any luck with eBay so far, or any of the other places that sprang to mind. If anyone has any recommendations for places to pick up old software, that would be great.

    The info you kindly gave me is the way I'd been trying to save the files, but this is when I had problems with the images disappearing because I don't get sent the original files.

    I do really appreciate your help though, thanks again.

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    Definitely eBay. But look at my post above, I added some info.

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