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    help with aperture!
    i have an aperture issue where I accidntaly deleted a folder with some master pictures and emptied the trash. I thought the pictures were being saved to the aperture library however i found out that they were saved in a seperate folder in the Pictures directory on the hd. what suprised me is that i can still view all those pictures in aperture but when i try to export them it tells me that the masters are missing. I cant make any adjustments to the photos but i can view them. what can i do to be able to adjust or export the images? Pleas help me.

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    Restore the masters from your backup. You did make a backup, right?

    When you import photos into your Aperture Library it automatically makes thumbnails and a preview file which is why you can still see them but can't export them. In order to export them you NEED the masters!

    If you've deleted the masters and emptied the trash than it's pretty much bye bye photos unless you can get hold of some recovery software.

    I'm not in front of my copy of Aperture at the moment and off the top of my head I can't quite remember the difference between a managed library and a referenced one but if you had a referenced library it might be worth double checking that the photos don't still exist on your HD somewhere (unlikely though). If they do then you can just re-import them.

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