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Thread: slow Aperture

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    slow Aperture
    I was running a batch of RAW files through Aperture, and it seemed that when i was moving the slider to adjust some of the settings, it moved at a very slow rate, and jumped if moved too fast. Now whenever i use ACR CS3, i never have this problem. Now i have the 2.5 Ghz Macbook Pro w/ 2 GB RAM, should this be happening?

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    that depends. how many programs are you running? if aperture is the only program open, it shouldn't be chugging too hard. but if you're running itunes, firefox with five tabs, and adium, and trying to process raw files, it's going to have some issues.

    i only run aperture when i'm doing photography work - i even get my music off of my ipod, so i don't waste ram & chip speed for music.

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