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    Question photoshop CS3 on Macbook
    Is there anybody running photoshop CS3 on Macbook (not macpro) ? Does it work fine ? Do you like it ? Do you wish you had gotten MacPro ?

    I am looking to buy a Mac but still confused. I want to buy Macbook because of price but would hate if CS3 cannot work on it.

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    Hi there, I am currently using photoshop CS3 and Adobe Lightroom on my macbook. I have the white, core 2 duo, 2.0 ghz one. When I originally bought it, it only came with 1.0 GB of Ram and 80 GB Hard drive. I have since upgraded it to 1.5 GB of RAM and put in a new 160 BG Hard drive.

    I have to say, that I have no issues running photoshop CS3 and Adobe Lightroom at the same time. I use IStat pro to monitor my Ram usage and CPU temperature and there is not any extreme levels. In terms of performance, i noticed a difference when i put in the extra Ram. The macbook was quite capable of rendering photos, in a decent amount of time.

    If cost is a factor, the macbook works fine with Adobe CS3.

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    I would suggest getting an external monitor because editing pictures on a 13" screen with such low res is going to probably be a pain if you're doing it a lot...or designing anything for that matter...
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    Im running it as well. C2D 2.00 1gb ram black macbook. Runs absolutely fine, im also using lightroom as well. It will slow down when im running alot of other programs which in fairness is to be expected, i can run PS, Safari, Msn, Itunes and Bitrocket alright usually. you will be fine running it on it
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