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Thread: Converting PNG to JPG & Screen Capture Tool Help

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    Converting PNG to JPG & Screen Capture Tool Help
    Hello fellow Mac users,

    I have a PNG that I am trying to set as my signature on another forum. That particular forum has a rule of images being a maximum of 500x100 pixels, and a maximum of 48.8 KB in size.

    The image I want to use is 478x94 pixels but is a whopping 92 KB. I was told that if I converted it (from PNG) to JPG I might be able to swing it. Alas, I have no idea how to convert from PNG to JPG.


    Also, I was wondering if it was possible to set Mac OS X's screen capture utility to save as JPG rather than PNG.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    download imagewell from here -

    drag and drop the picture into the little window.
    click more
    and save it as a jpeg


    open the file in preview. and click file save as. name it what you like. and select the format you would like to save it as. click save. there you go. your image in your chosen format

    hope this helps


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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, JBurnsy.

    This article will help you: Taking Screenshots in Mac OS X and Changing the Default Filetype from PNG to Whatever.

    Edited to add:

    Some have reported that that method doesn't always work. A more used way of going about this is this, Change Default Screen Capture Format in OS X. I've seen also some suggestions in using OnyX to change the default file type if you'd rather use a GUI than the Terminal.

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    Thank you Chris. Couldn't've asked for better advice. Used your Preview method and it took it all the way down to 32 KB. I can't detect a drop in quality either.

    Thank you!

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    neither of the terminal commands worked for me, but OnyX did

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    Great! Glad you found a solution, MBasile.

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