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    Hello everybody.

    Your help would be much appreciated - I really need it! :

    I am designing brochures etc. using InDesign etc. in CS3. My artwork (incorporating photos I am taking myself and, where necessary, adapting in PhotoShop) will eventually be printed through a professional printing company due to high volumes and finishes required.

    After many weeks researching printers which I can use for proofing and printing small pieces of work, I purchased an Epson Stylus 3800 Pro today. I don't have a RIP but export from InDesign to create a PDF and print from there. The results are amazing and an almost exact match to my HP monitor, which is great as I haven't done any calibration etc. - just plugged and printed! I'm talking photos here as the general colours in my vector artwork are a good enough match to the CMYK swatches I have been given from the printing company, which I kind of expected them to be.

    I am working to CMYK in CS3, as required by the printing company I will use. When I print on the Epson, I use the Adobe 1998 RGB settings. Any other setting (such as US Web Coated) turns out awful - usually a lot darker and loss of sparkle.

    THE BIG QUESTION IS, how likely is it that the printing company I use (or any other I may choose to use for that matter) will match the results I'm having from my tiny (in comparison to the big printing company arsenal) deskjet? I mean, everything looks so good already. I can't afford any wet-proofs from the the printing company. I'm thinking I just will not find out until I go ahead with the order but want to ask you guys what you think. Is there anything I, or the printing companies can do?

    Hope this makes sense.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Download the photoshop colour profile for the printing machines used by the print company. (if available)

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