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    Picture help? Please...
    Hi, I'm looking for some help.

    I just got a Macbook about a week ago and I'm wondering how I change the titles of pictures. Let's say I go to and find a great picture I just have to have, so I save the picture to iPhoto. Is that the correct place I should save it? I'd prefer to have it in my "picture" section but it doesn't give me the option.

    When I save it to iPhoto it gives me list of information down in the bottom left hand corner. I go to title, click on it, change the name and I guess it automatically saves?

    So then I'll be going to or something to upload a photo and i have to search all over my iPhoto selection and I'm searching for my photo's but none of the names save.

    So what exactly am I doing wrong? Is there anyway to make this less complicated and have just a picture folder with all my pictures in there and have it simpler to change the name and it actually saving?

    Also... Is there a Print Screenshot on here? If so, what is the key?

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    I don't know if you can save it directly to a pictures folder, but you'll notice that below "save to iPhoto" there is a "save to desktop" If you use that then you can simply click on the text part of the photo icon now on your desktop and start typing the new name. Then you can drag it to your pictures folder if you'd like.

    Print screenshot is shift+option (apple symbol)+3
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    Hey colbyhewitt,

    First off bud, I'd recommend that you try to use more descriptive post titles as that might get people here quicker.

    You can go about saving an image using a couple of methods - right click (if you have a 2 button mouse or have enabled the 'simulate right click' option in system prefs on your MacBook (<- congrats on the purchase btw ) and choose the option to save from the menu - this way should allow you to save the image where ever you want - for example you could initially save to the desktop - rename and then drag to iPhoto or save straight into a pictures folder.

    Or you can just click on the image in a webpage and just drag it to your desktop or iPhoto or Pictures folder.

    Either way - once you have the image you can select it once and then press the key combo Command (apple) + I to get the information for this image - you can then rename it - down towards the bottom of this 'information window' - the Command + I works in iPhoto as well.

    Alternatively - if the image is saved to desktop or a picture folder then you can just click on it 2 times - but with a slight pause between the clicks - this will allow you to rename it straight away.

    iPhoto is a great place to manage images - once you've renamed the images I'd suggest that you rename the images and then drag to iPhoto and then remove the originals.

    As for a Print Screen:
    Command + Shift + 3 = The full screen shot will be saved to your desktop as a .png image
    Command + Shift + 4 = Mouse pointer turns to 'cross hair' and you can drag over the area of the screen you want to 'capture' and when you let go of the mouse button that 'grab' will again be saved to the desktop as a .png

    Hope that lot helps

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    When you say "So then I'll be going to or something to upload a photo and i have to search all over my iPhoto selection and I'm searching for my photo's but none of the names save." where is it you are trying to get your photo? Stay out of the finder for photos! Do all your work from within the iPhoto app -- the title will be saved there, and will allow you to find the photo easily. To upload to photobucket or anywhere else, just select the photo in the app, use the File>export feature to export to your desktop and upload from there. Simple!

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    Why on earth would you need to find images on the web, save them under a different name, and then load them into your photobucket account?

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