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    Half of my photoshop CS2 filters are grayed out.
    I want to use the wind filter on an image and its grayed out. I started to notice that a lot of the filters are like that. I thought maybe it was an issue with my filter plugins, but I don't see a problem. What gives?

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    Feb 21, 2007
    I don't understand why my filters in photoshop don't work
    I have Photoshop CS2 and I'm working on using some filters on some images I;m creating. I want to use the Wind filter on an image, but the Wind Filter is grayed out. To say, that I can't use it. i tried looking at my filter plug-ins but nothing is working. I need to use this filter tonight. Please help.

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    See if your document is in CMYK or RGB, I know a lot of filters wont work with CMYK.

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    Also, many filters will not work on 16bit images you have to convert them to 8bit

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    change your image to RGB and it should work, lots of those filters are for RGB only, then if needed you can change it back to its original settings after you completed the filters

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