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Thread: I Photo has me going crazy need help

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    I Photo has me going crazy need help
    Hi guys i am going nuts right now becuase i was working on my photos on iphoto and something happened.. and all of my photos were erased and all of my albums were gone. so i thought well, i will go get my pics from the pictures folder and put them back into iphoto. okay so i did that and now all my photos are resized too 360 by 240 so is there anyway to get my albums back and pics to orginal size. Please help and Thanks Alot

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    Sounds to me you have imported your shots from the DATA folder within iPhoto folder. This contains shots which are like Jumbo Thumbnails
    The folder called AlbumData.xml Contains your album data

    Try these steps one at a time to see if it helps

    1. Repair Permissions.

    2. Trash your iPhotoplist (Called.

    And /Or

    Quit iPhoto and re launch holding the Option key down.
    You should get a pane asking if you want to rebuild your Library I'd select Rebuild iPhoto database as a start. This may take sometime...

    Other than that I don't no what to suggest

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