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    Creative Suite deal with a Mac
    I'm a student and I'm interested in buying a Mac and Creative Suite. Right now they have a deal going on that allows students to purchase Creative Suite for $230 with a Mac. This seems like a great deal to me, and the offer ends in September.

    However, on the promotion site for this deal, they list MBP, iMac, and Mac Pro. Does anyone know if the MacBook is also eligible for this deal?

    Also, does anyone have suggestions for MacBook vs. iMac? I was leaning towards MacBook because I would want to easily transport it to and from school on the weekends. However, I'm not sure the 13" screen would be enough for graphic stuff.

    The MBP would seem like a great solution, but I can't imagine spending that much money...

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, postlapsaria.

    If the MacBook is not listed on the website, then I would be very much surprised if it was part of this deal.

    One solution would be that you get yourself a 1GB (or larger) USB key to transport your files from school and your home.

    And quite honestly, I think the iMac is pretty hard to beat in terms of value when you look at the price vs. quality of the computer.

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