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Thread: iLife 06 slide show to TV

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    iLife 06 slide show to TV
    I have promised to create a slide show with 65 photos by 8-4-07 for a memorial service to a friend. I have iLife 06, PhotoToMovie 4.0, ImageWell 3.2 and an iMac with internal DVD burner. Making a slide show w/iTunes & KenBurns Effect in iPhoto 6 was easy and it played very well on my computer. But when I burned it in iDVD and played it on my 32" widescreen HDTV the images were very poor. I have to create a high quality DVD slide show by next weekend which will be displayed on a 50" HD Panel TV and now I'm getting nervous. So I bought PhotoToMovie 4.0 because it promised to create high quality images on DVD, but it's more technical than I realized.

    Is there an easy way to create a high resolution slide show in iMovie or iDVD using iPhoto? My photos are big, about 4 to 6 MB each. Is there anyone familiar with PhotoToMovie 4.0? See: <>

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    I did a slideshow using Keynote for a memorial service. Since you can set Keynote to autorun it's basically a slideshow similar to iLife but with a common templated background. I was also able to create short slideshows in iPhoto and import them into Keynote as a QT slideshow with Ken Burns effects and theme music. The only difference between your presentation and mine is that I used an overhead projector plugged into a laptop for the presentation, although a hi-def television is basically the same thing.

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