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Thread: iphoto displaying date?

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    iphoto displaying date?
    For some reason on my iphoto it keep displaying a date that fades onto the screen (september 2004) when this has nothing to do with anything, is there a way to switch this off. Ive searched the help and nothing....all you can edit is the comments and title etc...i need to know how to switch this function off....

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    This happens when you drag the scroll bar down . The info displayed varies according to the sorting method you are using .

    If you use Keywords you'll see your keywords displayed as you scroll or ratings you are using Date

    You can turn it off by going to the View menu and choosing Sort by and manual

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    thankyou scottish norweigen?

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    Remember, that the pictures loaded onto iphoto will sort the date according to when the picture was taken. If the camera setting date is off, then the timeline it appers on iphoto is off. Eg. If I my camera data is set to 2006-07-01 and when i take the picture it is actually 2007-07-01, then it will display in 2006 iphoto timeline. Remember to check the date setting on your camera.

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    You can, however, modify that date if you need to by changing it in the info pane or by using Batch Change for multiple photos.

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    I knew this already and have tried 3 times now to do this - however the 'original' often incorrect date seems to remain - To clarify I've tried selecting the contents of each roll and setting the right date using the batch change option - this does not seem to take affect - any ideas why?

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