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    Exclamation CS2 concerns from a recent pc to mac switch
    So I put it off for years, I had all the excuses and all that great crap about why not to switch... and here I am... So now I have my... well... 3rd or 4th issue regarding this...

    I own a legitimate copy of cs2, but adobe says without my original disk or box, they will not support my decision to switch... I can easily transfer my serial keys and everything I need, the issue is a copy of the original program to work from... I have it for pc... but mac is different =\

    if someone can point me towards a either free trial version or full version (un-registered) of mac friendly cs2 otherwise, I'm downloading bootcamp -_-...

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    If you call Adobe and provide them with a legitimate serial number that you have registered...they will send you the MAC version of the software for the cost of shipping.

    (well, I guess its possible they do no longer have CS2 and would require you too upgrade too CS3)

    Also, I would if I were you get a copy of CS3 assuming you have a intel chip MAC and not a powerpc chip MAC. The upgrade is not too expensive and it does run much smoother.

    New servers, much faster than before

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    Well... I guess I'll just bite the price and go for cs3 then... thanks

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