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    Jul 05, 2007
    I bought my speakers yesterday and I'm sorted with sound so now it's juts printing. I want to purchase a printer to go with my MacBook so preferably a white one! I will be doing your everyday printing documents but also at the same time will be wanting to print high quality photos so ideally need a printer that can print quick black and white documents or spreadsheets etc but also print quality photos in colour: basically a good all rounder. Also not necessary, but an all-in-one would be nice: Printing, Scanning and Photocopying. I've been looking at a few makes: HP and Lexmark (they seem to do quite alot of white printers!) but got a bit stuck with what to pick. Any other makes wold be fine though but as I said preferably white!! But this is the problem: my budget is £50 !! Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    does it have to be white? you will be hard pushed to buy an all-in one for £50.
    hmm... and ive used lexmark. thyre cr*p. paid over that for a lexmark and have been through 2 printers!!!!
    i share a cannon pixma ip4200 and its 3x the price but well worth it.
    you DO get what you pay for with printers im afraid and so far as having a matching printer well you may be hard pushed as most are silver/black

    maybe save up a lil more and buy a really good printer.

    keep me posted
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    I have a Canon i960 Photo Printer, it's not white, but sure spits out some brilliant photos! I also use it to print documents in black and white.

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    Jul 05, 2007
    Ok thanks, i have decided now then that an all in one is not necessary as we do have a printer allready which has all-in-one so we could use that for photocopying but that is on another computer. White would be very nice but again not necccessary anymore!! My Budget could also go up to £60 atm, maybe more as time goes on. IYO, what is the best make of printer to look at getting??

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    Personally I'd go a Canon. I have an iP4300 and it prints really well. It cost AUS$179. Doesn't have a scanner built in but probably the highest quality photo print for the price. Also grey

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    I'd recommend one of the new Kodak All-in-Ones. The ink is dirt cheap and the printing is great. They work great with my Macs.
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    I agree with the Canon recommendation. Marvelous pictures, great text printing. And cost is quite reasonable. I would not even consider another brand. Had Lexmark, Epson, Brother, etc. and none can compare to the quality of Canon -- especially the photos.

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    I use a canon ip4200

    Excellent printer and go with canons!

    Another reason why i got this printer is because its quite cheap to refill. Down my local refill shop..they do it for 5.

    Great high quality printer and it can even print on cd faces.

    I checked out amazon before purchase and it does have good reviews. Checked out some sites too.

    Don't go for lexmark, expensive ink and useless
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    I have been looking at lexmarks but now seem more inclned to go for a conon. Can anyone reccomend a good one in my price range (£60)



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