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Thread: Anyone help?

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    Talking Anyone help?
    As I'm old and not the brightest light on the Christmas tree I was wondering if you Gurus of the images could help.

    I would like a avatar/logo made, I have a few ideas but have no clue how to make one.

    If someone could help please PM/email me

    Many thanks to the nice person that helps an old bloke out....
    I dont have Attention Deficit Dis..... Hey look! A chicken!.

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    What kind of imaging software do you have?
    That would help to figure out a way to get you started.

    If all you want to do is use a photo you have, our very own Ghostshadow has developed a very handy app that will easily let you resize an image to whatever size you like.
    You can download it HERE.

    Keep in mind the avatar rules for our forum are:
    The maximum size of your custom image is 100 by 100 pixels or 68.4 KB (whichever is smaller).

    Hope that helps you a bit.
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