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Thread: UK What Camera????

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    Question UK What Camera????

    I need a digital camera but there are thousands, please help me choose one.

    I'll start you with some needs of mine:

    1)Needs to be cheap- no more than £150
    2)Good Quality 5MP or More
    3)Easy and very very simple, don't need loads of settings (I'm a Camera Noob - I don't even know what ISO means!!)
    4)Not that bothered about storage
    5)Not bothered about any video capabilitys
    6)Big Screen would be useful

    Could someone recommend one please,

    Thanks so much


    N.B Not taking pictures of anythin in paticular- If that makes a difference to any Lens or what-not

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    Check Out These

    Oh and by the way ISO is the system used to indicate light sensitivity of the film's emulsion. So basically you use a higher ISO for when there is less light
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    The higher the ISO, the more light you can capture, but the quality of the image goes down. On film cameras, it refers to film speeds, however, on a digital camera, the standards are a bit different. Loss is visible as noise, rather than a larger grain. Here's a quick wiki-

    A wiki for every question. Good luck getting a camera ! I am a fan of Sony for point-and-shoot cameras.

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    I recently got a Sony DSC-W100 for £130 from work (end-on-line discount and staff discount), currently £260 on Amazon. Can't fault it, but wouldn't pay full price for it.

    I was considering one of the Olympus Stylus 7 series, most likely the 760. Loads of Olympus refurbs on eBay.

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    I can recommend the Pentax Optio S7, I have that as a little hand held in addition to my DSLR. It is really quite good, and the macro on it is fab. Viewfinder wouldn't go a miss though.

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