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    Unhappy Quark 6.52 Lost Ability to Create PDF After Mac Update
    I updated my Intel Mac with the latest updates from Apple the other day and have now totally lost the ability to make PDF files directly from QuarkXPress 6.52. Halfway through processing, my Quark program quits and the file is never made. Was working perfectly prior to most recent update. Constantly receive postscript errors now. Not a good situation at the moment as I make PDF files daily.

    On another note, since the latest update of Quicktime, my browser most of the time simply shows a Q with a ? and can't display most of the internet content. Really top quality updates from Apple lately. What gives?!!

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    Delete the Quark folders in Library>Preferences and Users > Library > Preferences and restart Quark.

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    All I can find is under Home>Library>Preferences>Quark>QuarkXPress 6.0

    Is this the correct file? By the way, I may have listed in error using Quark 7 when I actually am using Quark 6.52. I don't think that has too much bearing on the problem. I also am unable to make a PDF from Acrobat Distiller. Same results as trying to use Quark to make a PDF. I think it must really be a problem with Distiller and possibly not Quark. Although Quark will simply quit when trying to make a PDF.

    Thanks for the help.

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