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    Picture Importing Question
    In windows XP when you use the photo wizard program to DL pics from a digital camera it has an option for you to tell it what you want to name the picture files as, so if I had pics from the beach i could type in beach and the files will be imported as "beach01, beach02, beach03, etc...."

    I'm using image capture on OS X now but i see no option to do this, is there some other program or way for me to name my picture files? i dont want them as DSCF1171.jpg i want them named accordingly! Thanks!!

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    You can use a simple Apple Script to do that after importing the files.

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    You can also use Automator read this

    You can review rename and make an album in iphoto right from your desktop

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    Pick up lightroom or aperture and you can add keywords too the images as well as naming them in any number of combinations.

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