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Thread: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Academic Edition Question

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    Unhappy Adobe Photoshop CS3 Academic Edition Question

    I've recently ordered (well on 21st June) a copy of the CS3 Extended (Academic Edition). I sent off all student ID as required, but still am yet to hear back from Adobe regarding my serial number! I sent them off an email and hope to hear back from their customer service soon, but would like to know if anyone else has had a LONG period of time (as opposed to their so - called 7 day turnaround) before they got their serial number, or if anyone has any advise on how I can make them get it to me ASAP!

    Having some Photoshop withdrawals, my trial version has run out

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    I have never ordered Academic software from Adobe but I would give their customer service number a call and ask what's going on.
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    In order to get your serials, you need to visit first.
    There, you will enter the coupon code located on the back of the packaging for the software. Your serials should be emailed out to you almost instantaneously.

    If you have already done this, then emailing them at would be the next step to take.
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    That's really weird because they never told me to do that in the insert on the packaging, maybe because it was purchased in Australia and not the US. Shall try and see if it works!

    Thank you

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    Did that work out?

    I had ordered an academic verision years ago from a website and the serial numbers were on the software packages. Was this a download order?

    New servers, much faster than before

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