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Thread: Ever use keyboard shortcuts at the wrong time?

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    Ever use keyboard shortcuts at the wrong time?
    I don't know about you guys, but I use keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop, Flash, and any such program almost constantly. I can get around pretty fast now, using "V" to move stuff, "G" for gradient/fillbucket, and also "T" for text.

    It may just be me who does this, but after I type something with the Type tool, and I'm ready to move the text into place, I instinctively hit "V" to summon the Move tool, but more often then not all this does is place the letter "V" in my textbox. I do this almost everytime, use a keyboard shortcut while I'm still typing! Ha ha this is rather annoying.

    I say Adobe needs a keyboard that can read my mind and know when i want to type and when i want a shortcut

    Anybody but me have this happen to them, or something similar?

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    yeah, I used to do that all the time. But since I use CS3 all day every day now, I'm over it. One mistake that I nearly make though, is hitting space bar to scroll, while still typing. I practically never use scroll bars, and since I use a tablet, I don't have a mouse or scroll wheel handy at work.

    I think you're on to something with the keyboard though. But, I think a keyboard with keys for all the tools would be much better Similar to those PC keyboards, which have keys for audio playback, launching browsers at what not at the top, there should be a mac keyboard with 'tool' keys at the top (maybe with little tool icons?) for the most commonly used tools in adobe software. It'd be like having the tool bar, horizontal, across your keyboard. I'd love to have something like that.

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    Each key is a tiny LCD screen, programmable to show different buttons depending on the program. Supposedly will cost as much as a medium-range computer, though.
    Sitting, waiting, wishing...

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    ^ You can get keyboards like that already, only they don't have screens on the keys... you just have to remember which is which XD Generally used by gamers though. My friend has one, and it has a little screen in it that shows his MSN windows, so he can talk to people while playing! It's pretty cool. Fairly expensive, as far as keyboards go (about $500AUD I think)
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    Yeah but it worked out in my favor.
    I used command-left\right in a document and it skip over the line using tab spacing.

    When I had meant to use Shift-left/right to hi-light
    I like it when the happens to me

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    Those keyboards look awesome, but I wouldn't pay that much for something that would only save me about a few seconds of time a day.

    If they made something for like 20 bucks thats just one line of programmable keys, that would sell pretty well I think.

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