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    noob needs help with iphoto
    ok so im getting used to iphoto and i have one question so far ,when i try to export a picture from iphoto to whereever it gives me an otpion to expot it at whatever size i want , so theres a little chekmark that says reserve an 4.3 aspect ratio , and u cant unchek it so my question is what do u do to have whatever aspect i want?

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    a better question is: why would one want to stretch a photo? It'd be like stretching a widescreen movie to fit a 4:3 TV - it'd just look pretty ugly.

    I don't think it's actually got a check box - at least not in my version (the latest) If you want to stretch your images, try doing so in photoshop/gimp. That should do the trick.

    If you want a different aspect ratio without stretching, you could try cropping in Preview/Gimp/Photoshop.

    *sorry if this posts twice - wireless dropped out just before I hit send...

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