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    Frame by frame animation tool?
    Apologies if I'm in the wrong place, it seemed like the logical choice for this question.

    I have a bunch of images I want to create an animation with. I was using an old Jasc program in XP using Parallels, but it corrupts terribly across platforms.

    I'm looking for a Mac equivalent of Jasc Animation Shop. It allows you to create animations from still image sequences, but gives great control over each frames timing and also some great transition effects as well. I've tried iMovie and Quicktime Pro, but neither of these give me control over frame timing (how long each frame is onscreen.) Frame Thief is iSight based and isn't relevant to my problem.

    Ironically Final Cut Pro is too powerful, I'm a novice and this program is simply too advanced for me.

    Is there anything out there that could help? I have spent a vast amount of time on my project, I have 1000 frames to put together and nothing to do it with...

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    This might be the software your after, I haven't used it personally as I use photoshop to create GIF's, but you should be able to load up unlimited frames and edit each frame individually.

    If you want transitions between each frame, then your talking more about slideshows, and you'll find a few free programs at MacUpdate aswell to help you out there.

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    Hi, I use iMovie to do that sorta thing. If you want to make a clay animation or something similiar, its GREAT! But the only down side is that you have to take that photos first, then import them onto Iphoto. But then you open Imovie, (i use imovie 09) and then click on the camera icon on the right. drag the pictures you want to use into a new project. Double click on a photo and type in something like '.1s' and make sure the box that says "applies to all stills' is checked. Then click on a photo and type "Command + A" to select all, and press the 'Crop, Rotate, and Ken Burns' button. On the top left hand corner there should be a button saying 'Fit'. Click on that so it doesn't zoom in or out on your photos if you want them to stay still for things like clay animation or stuff like that. Play your movie, If it is still not quick enough, Click on 'Share -> Export' to export it, and then click 'Share -> Itunes' to send it to Itunes. You can the delete it from your projects. Then go to 'File -> Import -> Movies' and select the file that you just created. Double click on it, and click on 'Convert' or something like that so you can then adjust the speed. Make it faster or slower, whatever you like! Now you have an Animation Movie using nothing but Iphoto, Itunes, and Imovie. I hope this helped

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    FrameThief is what my school uses, but it hasn't been updated in a while and it's PPC only. It's free though: FrameThief - FrameThief 2.1 Download

    There's also FrameByFrame which is a UB, but I find it isn't quite as good.

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    iStopMotion will support import from still cameras, and is about the best on the market. What you're doing is called "Stop Motion Animation". You may want to do a web search on the subject.
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