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    adding fonts
    ok im trying to add fonts so that i can use them in photoshop i downloaded a few of them from but once i download them where do i place them for them to work with photoshop ?

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    Open them up a install them. When you open them, there should be a little button that says install... click it and you're basically done. You'll probably need to restart Photoshop for them to appear in the Fonts menu.
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    You just double-click on the font you want to install and it will launch Mac OS X's Font Book and like Leukeh says Font Book will show you a preview of the font you want to install and there will be an install button at the bottom right. You just click on that and Font Book takes care of the rest.

    If you do have a lot (and I mean a LOT) of fonts it might be best if you used a third-party font manager because Font Book is lacking in terms of features. The most robust font manager out there is Extensis Suitcase Fusion but it is costly.

    I would recommend you download for home use FontExplorer X, it's a freebie. It will check for font conflicts, corrupted fonts and will disable unnecessary fonts, create sets that you need for jobs, etc.

    Hope this helps.

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