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    Share an iPhoto Book w/o using iWeb or .Mac
    Is there any other options to share/publish an iPhoto Book on the web other than using Photocasting or through a .Mac account?

    I would like to share out my iPhoto Book but it would be difficult for non mac users to view and also a .Mac axccount subscription would cost me $$ yearly.
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    My solution was to share the iPhoto album directory from my backup device . The Mirra device has web sharing capabilities where you can setup access control lists etc to limit just what folders the web users can view. Took a little digging around to figure out the iPhoto folder structure for sharing the edited photos v. the originals that I wanted to share. In the end I exported my final photos/albums and imported them again with a Roll name that corresponded to the web sharing I wanted to do.


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    I'm relatively new to Macs, but I can tell you what I did.

    There is a Picasaweb plug-in that allows you to upload your images directly from iPhoto to a google picasa web album that you can share. You have to setup a free picasa account (gmail account) and it gives you 1GB of storage.

    Hope this helps.


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