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    iBook g4 & fuji finepix camera- Help
    Hi, i have an ibook g4 and recently bought a fuji fine pix camera. I'm having trouble getting videos I've taken off the camera onto my laptop.

    Pictures are no problem (iphoto loads automatically.) But this camera, for some reason, is not displaying on my desktop (to open and drag and drop my movies.) Nor is it found as a drive/ folder, etc, when i search for it.

    I have it connected directly to my USB outlets (and i've tried all of them). I've searched for it in the system profiler, and the camera 'shows', but there's no functionality within that to access the camera's files. I've researched on the web. Nothing.

    So I'm hitting a brick wall. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm sure the problem is between the keyboard and the chair. LOL. Thanks!

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    when you plug in the camera, iPhoto should start and the camera should show up as an icon on the desktop. you should be able to navigate the camera in the finder window to find the videos. once you have found the videos, drag and drop them to the desktop or a folder. hope this helps



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    What OS are you on?

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    Some cameras have a setting in the configuration menu that sets the USB to either Disk Drive or Camera. Check to see if you have that option. A few cameras I have owned had that and setting it to Disk Drive will make it show up on the desktop. Never worked with the Fuji FinePix. Worth a look anyway.

    Also what model Fuji?

    Is there any software with the camera? The Fuji's I just checked came with OSX compatible Fine Pic software. Maybe you can get to the pics in that.

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