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    IPhoto and wide Angle pictures
    So I finally got my MacBook after playing with an old PowerBook for a few months. So now I'm bringing all my pictures over from my PC and I ran into a problem importing wide angle pictures into IPhoto. Anyone know what the deal is with that? How can I import them. Also is there a way I can arrange the pictures in my own folders then import them. Id like to keep them arranged a certain way and IPhoto wont let me. So when I import them I end up with 2 copies on the HD.

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    Not sure what the problem is with wide angle photos.
    As for iPhoto making it's own copy, it's so that whatever changes you make within iPhoto to your pics you can always revert to the original photo, instantly. The choice is to either have them arranged as you did on your PC, through various folders OR have them arranged via iPhoto. Other wise you can do both but will have two copies. It's a matter of wether you want to use iPhoto or not (And if you're gonna use it there's no need to have them arranged in folders aswell).

    What issues are you having with wide angle photos and do you mean panoramics?

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